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Azania Bank- Magomeni - Dar es Salaam

Azania Bank Ltd (formally 1st Adili Bancorp Ltd) is now aCommercial Bank was established in 1995 as a financial institution followingthe liberalization of the banking sector. The initiative of setting up the bankcame from indigenous Tanzanians who teamed up with the two social security fundin the country, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Parastatal PensionFund (PPF) to support the start up of the bank.

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Azania Bank
Traveltine Hotel
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: 255 222 118 026
Tel: 255 222 113 295
Fax: 255 222 118 010
Barclays - Magomeni - Dar es Salaam

Barclays is a global financial services provider, engaged in retail andcommercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management andinvestment management services all over the world. With a vast, internationalreach, Barclays offers innovative products and services to meet the needs of itsdiverse base of customers and clients

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Magomeni Mapipa
PO Box 5137
Tel: 255 222 170 686
Tel: 255
Fax: 255 222 129 759
Diamond Trust Bank - Magomeni- Dar es Salaam

DiamondTrust Bank (DTB) is a full service commercial bank incorporated in the Republicsof Tanzania, Tanzania, Tanzania, and Burundi. In Tanzania, DTB is listed on the NairobiStock Exchange. The Group is licensed by respective countries’ Central Banks toprovide a wide range of corporate, retail and commercial banking services; andfully complies with the capital adequacy requirements asstipulated.

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Diamond Trust Bank

Morogoro Road,


Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255 272 172 190
Tel: 255 000 000 000
Fax: 255 272 172 194
International Microfinance Bank - Magomeni- Dar es Salaam

NMB isthe largest bank in Tanzania, both when ranked by customer base and branchnetwork. With over 139 branches we are located in more than 80% of Tanzania'sdistricts. This broad branch network distinguishes NMB from other financialinstitutions in Tanzania.

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International Microfinance Bank



, Tanzania
Tel: 255 222 171 173
Tel: 255
Fax: 255 222 170 622
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