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Bank of India, Maktaba St, P.O. Box 7581, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Banks in Tanzania
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Bank of India (Tanzania) Ltd. was registered in Tanzania in 2007 with Banking licence granted by Bank of Tanzania. Our bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of our parent Bank i.e. Bank of India which is a leading Nationalised Bank in India. Bank started operations on 16/06/2008 by opening its first branch in Dar es Salaam.

Bank of India (Tanzania) Limited has an effective, fast and efficient treasury equipped with professionals and backed up by technology that keeps you abreast of market trends. Bank of India Tanzania's Treasury also offers a variety of Money Market products, such as deposits and investment in Government Securities.

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Bank of India

Maktaba St
PO Box 7581
Telephone: 255 222 135 362
Telephone: 255
Fax: 255 222 135 363
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